Install Kerberos MIT on Cloudera Step by step


Make sure you already have kdc server and also cloudera manager cluster.

Check on security on cloudera manager and Enable Kerberos.

enable kerberos

Add information for kerberos server and its algorithm

setup kdc

Check “Manage krb5.conf through cloudera manager”, so kerberos will take control to create keytab files.

manager krb5.conf

Insert user and password for kerberos admin

If you get this kind of error, you need to install kerberos client on all hosts.

error kerberos install

install krb-libs and krb5-workstation

yum -y install krb5-libs krb5-workstation

set all in default and check for restart cluster after adding kerberos.

restart cluster

Just wait until process is done

installation success

You’ll find that Hue will have an error message. This error appear because Hue can access renewal kerberos ticket.

hue error

to fix that, go to kdc server and add this command

kadmin -p admin/admin@HADOOP
modprinc -maxrenewlife 90day krbtgt/HADOOP.COM@HADOOP.COM
modprinc -maxrenewlife 90day+allow_renewable hue/

after that, go to hue in cloudera manager and go to instance and check kerberos ticket renewer.

kerberos ticket renewer

then choose regenerate keytab

regenerate keytab

after it’s done, just restart hue services and you’re done.

all green